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E-mail: respect@uark.edu

While the Professor is Away Program

Students in ClassroomAre you going to miss one or more of your classes this semester and are considering canceling them? Please don’t! STAR Central has a group of Peer Educators that want to enlighten your class for the day. R.E.S.P.E.C.T., Rape Education Services by Peers Encouraging Conscious Thought, is a group of students that provide interactive presentations to other students regarding sexual assault and the attitudes that surround it. Our presentations are geared toward both men and women and feature extensive class discussion and media presentation.

Do you think the topic of sexual assault is not relevant to your class? Since 1 in 4 college women become victims of sexual assault, this topic is relevant to everyone in one way or another. While a chapter of sexual assault may not be included in the course’s textbook, please do not deny your students the important life lessons that our presentation can offer. Sexual assault is a serious problem on our campus and we need your help to reduce occurrences of this crime.

To schedule a presentation with R.E.S.P.E.C.T., complete our presentation request formor contact the STAR Central Office of the Pat Walker Health Center at 575-7252 or 575-7722. Every effort will be made to meet your request for a presentation. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your support.