My Cup is Not My Consent

a collaborative effort of STAR Central, RESPECT, SEAR, and ROAR

of the Pat Walker Health Center


Alcohol-facilitated sexual assault is a very common form of sexual assault present on college campuses. According to The Campus Sexual Assault (CSA) Survey (2007), 89% of college rapes occurred when the victim/survivor was incapacitated due to alcohol. Other research has indicated that 90% of campus sexual assaults involve alcohol. The fact is, alcohol is part of many sexual assaults.

Obtaining consent for sexual activity is necessary each and every time. A person who is incapacitated by alcohol (or other substances) is not able to give knowing consent. Therefore, never assume that consent is given when someone is under the influence of an intoxicating substance. Let’s face it, if they really want to have sex with you, they will when they are sober too; and it is likely to be a much better experience when everyone is fully into it.

Think about the following before engaging in sexual activity with anyone, especially when alcohol is in the picture.

Know the facts…

are sexually assaulted while in college


Understand consent…


Recognize that alcohol affects a person’s capacity…

So, if you wouldn’t let someone do these things when under the influence,

then why would anyone think they have the capacity to consent to sex!


Consent is not found in a cup, but must be given with a clear mind,

free of any other influence.

Help stop alcohol-facilitated rape.