Reporting Rape

Reporting to Police

To make a police report, contact the police department in which the assault/incident occurred. For example, if it occurred on campus, contact the University of Arkansas Police Department (UAPD). If you are uncertain as to which police department has jurisdiction for your case, UAPD will be happy to assist you with contacting the appropriate police department. UAPD can be contacted at 479-575-2222.


Reporting to Title IX

You may contact the Title IX Coordinator directly at the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance at (479) 575-4019 (voice) or (479) 575-3646 (tdd for hearing impaired).

You may also tell a “responsible employee” on campus who is then mandated under federal legislation to forward the matter to the Title IX Coordinator. A “responsible employee” is any employee who has the authority or is believed to have the authority to take action to redress sexual violence and has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual violence or sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. “Responsible employee” may include, but are not limited to faculty, deans, coaches, campus staff, law enforcement, residence hall staff and others who may be required as by law to report known incidents of sexual violence. In general, the only individuals exempt from mandated reporting are counseling and medical staff, victim advocates, and pastoral ministers.

The Title IX Coordinator will reach out to all parties involved and determine if a possible Title IX offense occurred. If a possible Title IX offense happened, an investigation will occur through the Office of Student Standards and Conduct. Upon completion of the investigation, the Title IX Coordinator will review the investigation findings and determine if there is sufficient cause to move forward with a Title IX hearing. For more information about Title IX, please visit For more information about the investigation and adjudication processes related to Title IX, please visit


Either or both reporting options may be exercised. A STAR Central victim advocate can help provide personal support throughout the reporting, investigating, and adjudicating/prosecuting processes.