Peer Educators

RESPECT is comprised of ten undergraduate students who have a desire and passion for addressing rape prevention on campus. The award-winning program is a highly competitive internship program that provides students with much training and experience. In exchange, RESPECT peer educators provide service to the University of Arkansas community through presentations, outreach, awareness events, media campaigns, and other educational initiatives.

Students are recruited mid to late in the spring semester for the upcoming academic year. Among the many applications received, several are selected for interviews and then up to ten are selected for the internship program. RESPECT peer educators serve for two semesters (fall and spring). Sometimes, a peer educator will be invited to serve a second year to help mentor new peer educators.

General peer education training is provided for the peer educators, in addition to very topic specific education that empowers them to become peer education experts in the area of campus sexual violence prevention. Furthermore, RESPECT peer educators receive Certified Peer Educator training under the BACCHUS curriculum and become nationally certified.

RESPECT peer educators are highly encouraged to present at the regional BACCHUS peer education conference each spring. In addition, as other such opportunities arise, RESPECT members are encouraged to participate and share their successes.

If interested in the RESPECT peer education internship program, please watch for our recruitment promotion throughout campus in mid-spring semester or contact us by email at during mid-spring semester. To qualify for applying to the RESPECT program, the following criteria must be met: 1) current U of A undergraduate student, 2) will continue to be an undergraduate student for the upcoming academic year, 3) eligible to work in the United States, and 4) have a desire to make a difference.