Personal Care After Rape

Personal care  is important for anyone who has experienced sexual violence. Trauma affects people in different ways. There is no one way or “right” way to recover. It may be difficult to engage in daily activities, including attendance at class, eating, sleeping, general hygiene, and other daily activities of living. It’s important to try to maintain a sense of normalcy, but can be difficult along the road to recovering from the trauma. But, there are resources available so that a person does not have to find their path toward healing on their own.


STAR Central

STAR Central offers individual advocacy services to provide support throughout the process. Options and resources are explored. Although victim advocates are not mental health counselors, they can help individuals understand what “normal” feels like while finding a path toward healing. Also, an advocate can help identify other care options and make referrals as needed.

STAR Central facilitates a peer-based support group known as the Survivors’ Chat Group. The group meets weekly and its foundation is that participants provide support for each other from within the group. Often an activity is used to help facilitate conversation and foster peer-interaction for support.

To contact STAR Central for an appointment with a victim advocate or to join the Survivors’ Chat Group, email or call 479-575-7252. Additional information about STAR Central may be found at


CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services)

Part of the Pat Walker Health Center, CAPS provides counseling services throughout the year. CAPS staff consists of professional licensed mental health clinicians, as well as some graduate student clinicians. CAPS  has an emergency hotline available 24/7 and is available by calling 479-575-5276. For more information about CAPS, please visit


Counselors in Residence (CIR) Program – (University Housing residents only)

The CIR Program is a collaboration between University Housing and CAPS of the Pat Walker Health Center to provide counseling services for students living in University residence halls or University apartments. Counseling Interns (CI) provide services under the supervision of the Counselors in Residence and CAPS clinicians. For more information, please visit


The Psychological Clinic

Located in Memorial Hall, The Psychological Clinic is a training and research facility of the Department of Psychology. The clinic is staffed by Clinical Psychology trainees who are closely supervised by licensed clinical psychologists from the Department of Psychology’s clinical faculty. For more information, please call 479-575-4258.


Community Counseling Options

Many community counseling services are available throughout the United States. If you find yourself in need of local community counseling services, please check local counseling options in your area for available services, contact your insurance company for help with identifying local services, or contact a local rape crisis center for assistance with finding a counselor. Some options are available at:


U of A Student Resources

Various professionals are available throughout the university system and may assist students dependent upon each student’s unique needs. Often, referrals are made to various campus professionals and administrators by victim advocates, counselors, and other people who closely work with students. You are encouraged to work with someone on campus who can help you identify available and appropriate resources along your healing journey. The following is not an exhaustive list, but is meant to serve as guide for some additional campus resources that may be helpful.


Northwest Arkansas Community Resources

The following serves as a guide to some local resources based in the community of Northwest Arkansas. This list is not exhaustive and other services may be available.


Community Services

Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence

Arkansas Crisis Center

Northwest Arkansas Center for Sexual Assault

Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter (domestic violence)

Peace at Home Family Shelter (domestic violence)

Northwest Arkansas Prosecutors and Legal Aid                 

Benton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Washington County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Washington County Victim Assistance Office

Center for Arkansas Legal Services & Legal Aid of Arkansas

National Resources

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

National Sexual Assault Hotline

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network

Stalking Resource Center

The National Center for Victims of Crime

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Human Trafficing Hotline